Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fund inmate debit accounts

It is easy to fund an inmate debit account, with FlyMobi you may add credit to your inmates debit account and begin receiving collect calls for less. Inmates in prison or jail require dialing zero, have credit in there inmate trust fund i.e commissary, or use a calling card to place phone calls from the facilities pay phones. The number the inmate dials matters. Most facilities use out of state phone systems and charge a long distance rate, even if you live across the street from the facility. FlyMobi researches this with you and helps you to obtain a phone number for the inmate to dial that is local and ensures you pay the least amount for each call. When you add credit with FlyMobi you get reward points with every purchase and you later use the reward points and get free calls from inmates whether from jail or prison. Starting up a pay and talk account with FlyMobi is fast free and secure. To register and begin getting calls right away, please click here